Stories Garner Is A Natural Storyteller James Wood, New Yorker This Handsome Edition Of Helen Garner S Collected Short Fiction Celebrates The Seventy Fifth Birthday Of One Of Australia S Most Loved Authors These Stories That Delve Into The Complexities Of Love And Longing, Of The Pain, Darkness And Joy Of Life Are All Told With Her Characteristic Sharpness Of Observation, Honesty And Humour Each One A Perfect Piece, Together They Showcase Garner S Mastery Of The Form Helen Garner Writes Novels, Stories, Screenplays And Works Of Non Fiction In 2006 She Received The Inaugural Melbourne Prize For Literature, And In 2016 She Won The Prestigious Windham Campbell Literature Prize For Non Fiction Garner Won The NSW Premier S Literary Award For Fiction For Postcards From Surfers, And The Victorian And Queensland Premiers Awards, As Well As The Barbara Jefferis Award, For Her Novel The Spare Room Everywhere I Look Won The 2017 Indie Book Award For Non Fiction Garner S Stories Share Characteristics Of The Postcard They Flash Before Us Carefully Recorded Images That Remind Us Of Harsher Realities Not Pictured And Like Postcards They Are Economically Written, A Bit Of Conversation Is Transcribed, A Memory Recalled, An Event Noted, Scenes Pass As If Viewed From A Train Momentarily, Distinct And Tantalising In Their Beauty New York Times A Perfect Introduction For First Timers Who Have Not Yet Experienced The Pleasures Of Garner S Writing Sydney Morning Herald Stories And True Stories Are Handsome Companion Volumes Deservedly Celebrating Helen Garner, Our Greatest Contemporary Practitioner Of Observation, Self Interrogation And Compassion Everything She Writes, In Her Candid, Graceful Prose, Rings True, Enlightens, Stays Joan London, Sydney Morning Herald S Year In Reading Published In Beautiful Editions To Celebrate Life Given Shape In Words Drusilla Modjeska, Sydney Morning Herald S Year In Reading Both Of These Books Are Concerned With Moments Of Heartbreak And Of Hope, With Loneliness And Love, And With Great Cruelties, And The Things That Drive People To Them They Are Animated By A Desire To Understand What Seems Unfathomable, And To Pay Attention To The Small Pleasures Of The Everyday Garner S Precise Descriptions, Her Interest In Minute Shifts Of Emotion, And The Ways In Which We Reveal Ourselves To Others Are Always At Work In These Books, And Make Them A Real Joy To Read Age

Helen Garner was born in Geelong in 1942 She has published many works of fiction including Monkey Grip, Cosmo Cosmolino and The Children s Bach Her fiction has won numerous awards She is also one of Australia s most respected non fiction writers, and received a Walkley Award for journalism in 1993.Her most recent books are The First Stone, True Stories, My Hard Heart, The Feel of Stone and Joe

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  1. PattyMacDotComma says:

    4.5 At home I answered the phone A young woman asked for my husband He s not here, I said, at the moment This is his wife speaking I told her my name Oh yes said the young woman He told me he was involved with you Involved I said He s MARRIED to me Oh well, she said with an airy laugh Married involved Oh, Helen Garner You share such cringe worthy moments that I d be embarrassed if I met these people outside the pages of your work Some seem so raw and uncomfortable.The characters here range from lovers breaking up and friends reuniting to children trying to make sense of grown up conversations and intertwined bodies they weren t meant to see Postcards From Surfers is a particularly poignant story about an adult family parents, adult daughter and auntie holidaying as usual at Surfers Paradise The women are knitting as always, and their conversation is exactly like those I have with one of my oldest friends also a knitter My mother and Auntie Lorna, well advanced in complicated garments for my sister s teenage children, conduct their monologues which cross, coincide and run parallel. Their two voices run on, ...

  2. Carolyn says:

    Reading Helen Garner s short stories is like glimpsing intimate snapshots of people s lives For a brief time they are sharply in focus with a hint of backstory and character oozing out of their dialogue and feelings This volume of Garner s short stories was put together to celebrate her 75th birthday in 2017 is a chance to re discover favourite tales and and discover new gems I first read Postcards from Surfers than twenty years ago and enjoyed re reading this story from an older perspective In it a young woman is visiting her aging parents who have moved to the Gold Coast and writing observations and memories on postcards to someone called Philip who is no longer part of her life Garner most often writes about the everyday, particularly of love and loss Her characters are usually unremarkable but recognisable as someone you might have once met and her prose is often sparse but full of meaning, often poignant but also humorous Of the stories I hadn t read before, I loved All those Bloody Young Catholics where a man sitting at the bar in a pub greets an old mate who s just walked in and then proceeds to hold forth in a continuous monologue about the state of their friends...

  3. Paula Bardell-Hedley says:

    Helen Garner is a versatile wordsmith Should she ever require a curriculum vitae though it seems unlikely , her r sum would include novelist, short fiction writer, journalist, critic, translator and screenwriter among her superabundance of literary skills.Born in the port city of Geelong, Australia, in 1942, Garner ne Ford worked as a high school teacher from 1966 until she was sacked for giving an unscheduled sex education lesson to her 13 year old students in 1972 She published her first novel, Monkey Grip, in that same year, since when it has become an important, though fiercely disagreed upon, part of the Australian canon She is now widely regarded as one of the foremost Antipodean writers of her time Stories The Collected Short Fiction released to coincide with Garner s 75th birthday is a selection of neoteric tales from a hugely accomplished storyteller Her characters are finely portrayed and believable, because flawed, and the narrative is wholly absorbing, often intense, although never to the point of seeming contrived.Her protagonists tend to be lonely or desperate people who have Freudian type dreams and bouts of anxiety, but an undercurrent of humour is detectable in each piece Her stories never lack wit Garner reaches her zenith in La Cha...

  4. Text Publishing says:

    Her prose is wiry, stark, precise, but to find her equal for the tone of generous humanity one has to call up writers like Isaac Babel and Anton Chekhov Wall Street Journal Garner s non fiction is often driven by the question why Ruthless and full blooded, her journalism nevertheless displays the greatest nimbleness in its accommodation of ambivalence and uncertainty Her short stories, on the other hand, have a tendency to rise seamlessly towards epiphany Times Literary Supplement As I leaf through the volumes, having just re read both of them, I am still brought up short by another revelatory insight of the everyday I could go on and on, but I am out of words Many happy returns Helen Garner Adelaide Advertiser Helen Garner s collections of fiction and nonfiction corroborate her reputation as a great stylist and a great witness Peter Craven, Australian, Books of the Year 2017 Smoking dope and eating spaghetti, the abrupt ending of a happy marriage, th...

  5. Lee says:

    My opinion of this collection of short stories keeps wavering Yes, Garner can write No one would ever question that idea But being an intelligent and talented writer is only the beginning of a successful book We all know you don t need to be talented or produce anything intelligent to have readers fall in love with your works Case in point, the popularity of rubbish like the Twilight and 50 Shades series I certainly loved the way she set the mood with each story The settings in each story were instantly familiar, especially the Gold Coast one I could taste the salt in the air, see the colour changes of the ocean s horizon and the shimmering hazy outline of the Surfers Paradise skyscrapers in the north of the story s setting of Coolangatta Often, it was like I was looking at postcards with a sepia tone instead of words on a page The mood too, is distinctly Australian Even when the setting was overseas, it felt Australian I also had no issues with the characterisation Given the brevity of each of the stories, the characters were fully formed within a few sentences Although, now that I reflect, quite a few of the leading females could have almost been perceived to be the same person In fact, I think some have suggested many of the leading females could be Garner herself There is plot in each story which, again, is very clever considering the short format There is no real joy ...

  6. Richard says:

    A new author to me I sometimes think you can get a good insight into a writer through their shorter fiction Unfortunately, although she writes expressively with an interesting and stimulating vocabulary, with the eye of a poet I struggled with the prose.With short sentences and a clipped observation narrative I felt at a distance, unable to engage with characters or be moved.Maybe this is harsh and will set fans of Helen screaming at my review I would ...

  7. Bram says:

    Finely crafted and beautifully observed with enough little jolts to continually delight in other words, vintage Garner Even if you already own the two collections that comprise Stories Postcards from Surfers and My Hard Heart , it s well worth investing in this truly gorgeous volume.

  8. Jennifer (JC-S) says:

    Everything is spoken, nothing is said This is one of two books published to celebrate Helen Garner s seventy fifth birthday in 2017 This book is by far the smaller book of the two the other book, True Stories The Collected Short Non Fiction is around 800 pages This book, with its fourteen stories, contains just over 200 pages.I ve read this book twice It takes me longer to read Ms Garner s fiction I need to work hard for my understanding of it Not, I hasten to say, because of Ms Garner s writing No, it s because most of these stories have many layers and in order to appreciate the whole story I need to identify the different parts There are no perfect characters, nor are there any stereotypes, in Ms Garner s fiction Each character has a past and a purpose The future may be less certain, as in many stories the characters are anxiously navigating the present We meet these characters, effectively described by Ms Garner, we journey alongside them for a while, witness an aspect or two of their lives, and then part company There are no neat conclusions and no complicated backstories And I think that is one of the reasons I find Ms Garner s fiction harder work Not because I need conclusions and backstories but because given an opportunity I will try to imagine them for myself Ms Garner s short story has finished on the page, but sometimes it...

  9. MisterHobgoblin says:

    Stories is the short companion volume to the much longer True Stories, the compendium of Helen Garner s short non fiction work.Unsurprisingly, then, Stories are the short fiction Except that Helen Garner s work is notoriously hard to categorise These are not really stories, they are essays written from the point of view of someone who just happens not to exist The quality is apparent in that you have to keep reminding yourself that it is not memoir or editorial And it is not the life of Helen Garner portrayed by actors, in that the characters are so completely different flighty women, abused women, strong women, a gay man, a nationalist drunk, Always Australian, though Mostly the stories don t have what you d think of as a narrative arc They start with no preamble and the reader is required to piece together what it is they are reading, And the ends tend to just peter out rather than reaching any real res...

  10. The Book Girl says:

    The author Helen Garner is a versatile wordsmith She is a great short story writer Stories The Collected Short Fiction was released to coincide with Garner s 75th birthday It is a selection of short eccentric tales that had me embarrassed at times The characters in this book are super believable Which was one thing this story had going for it The characters are quite flawed The narrative is intense and very interesting Her characters tended to be lonely or desperate peo...

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