Left Behind:A Novel of the Earth's Last Days

Left Behind:A Novel of the Earth's Last DaysIn One Cataclysmic Moment, Millions Around The Globe Disappear.Vehicles, Suddenly Unmanned, Careen Out Of Control People Are Terror Stricken As Loved Ones Vanish Before Their Eyes.In The Middle Of Global Chaos, Airline Captain Rayford Steele Must Search For His Family, For Answers, For Truth As Devastating As The Disappearances Have Been, The Darkest Days May Lie Ahead.

Timothy Tim F LaHaye was an American evangelical Christian minister, author, and speaker, best known for the Left Behind series of apocalyptic fiction, which he co wrote with

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  • Paperback
  • 468 pages
  • Left Behind:A Novel of the Earth's Last Days
  • Tim LaHaye
  • English
  • 10 December 2019
  • 9780842329125

10 thoughts on “Left Behind:A Novel of the Earth's Last Days

  1. Brad says:

    It has been a long time since I read Left Behind, but I have one interesting memory of reading it that remains clear and is, I think, worthy of discussion I ll get to that memory in a second, but first I must digress.I read this book for a student of mine She was a very nice lady who came into my English classes worried for everyone s souls and I say this with all honesty Left Behind was her favourite novel her favourite book was The Bible, obviously , and she asked me to read it just after we finished Blake s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell So I did Now back to that memory Early on I remember thinking, What a brilliant book this would be if Tim LaHaye was a master of irony on the level of Jonathon Swift Surenothing could save LeHaye s clunky prose, but if he conceived of Left Behind as a commentary on fundamentalist believers it would have been a stroke of genius approaching the level of A Modest Proposal Then I started reading it that way, letting myself imagine the story as a brilliant commentary, and it made the otherwise execrable experience thoroughly tolerable I knew it wasn t so, and I couldn t really force myself to believe, but it sure was fun I laughed than I might have, I giggled than I might have, and I actually wasn t moved to throw this book in our backyard firepit when I finished Indeed, when this piece of fundamentalist pop fiction kindling was over, I esc...

  2. Will Byrnes says:

    Try to forget for a minute that there are people who take this stuff literally The book actually works as a sort of sci fi novel, the kind Robert Heinlein might have written for adolescents The characters are paper thin and the t...

  3. Summer says:

    I felt left out of the Bad Books Club because I completely failed to get past the first chapter of The DaVinci Code, so I read this to keep up And boy, is this one horrible book And there s at least 11 of them N.B I will not be reading the rest of the series The writing is beyond terrible In a story that presents so many interesting narrative possibilities the grief of those left behind after The Rapture, the breakdown of society after a massive tragedy, the personal pain and soul searching of those who believed they had faith but who were found wanting and ignores them all in favor of people sitting on beds and talking on phones The authors say that there is violence and mayhem, but don t show any of it The main characters conversions to Christianity happen as almost an afterthought there is little description of the feeling of God s love, of how they will change their lives and live by the teachings of Jesus The book could have been about 300 pages shorter for all it has of any substance, or it could have remained the same length and added some actual plot or character development.Oh my, the characters Our Two Heroes are named Rayford Steele and Buck Williams The current president is named Gerald Fitzhugh totally not supposed to evoke John Fitzgerald Kennedy, I m sure Williams s editor is na...

  4. Nick Black says:

    My mother demanded I read this in my senior year of high school I was no slouch reader or anything, I assure this was indeed punishment for a handful of books the parents had found, and thrown away Henry Miller, The Story of O, Beyond Good and Evil, and for some incomprehensible reason Invisible Man, which all ought indicate the parents as not particularly illiterate people themselves aside from the Ellison, their Index Librorum Prohibitorum at least evidenced a self coherent ethos , and give a hint as to the bewildering nature of my formative years.It was quite possibly the very worst book I ve ever choked down, and remembering these pages of absolute shit brings the bile to my throat to this day Baby Sitters Club books of which I read about fifty, and refuse to ever list on GoodReads had complex and well developed characters The previously best known novelist of the evangelical Christian slash eschatological scene, Frank E...

  5. Allen says:

    I usually have students fill out a card at the start of the semester with information like their major, where they went to high school, etc One thing I always ask is what book they read most recently The Left Behind series started showing up on those cards a lot a few years ago, so I decided to read the first one to see what they were like This is absolutely the worst written book that I ve ever picked up The dialogue is painful, the characters are wooden, the descriptions are hackneyed In every way this book ...

  6. Ancient Weaver says:

    Left Behind is one of the most wretchedly awful books I have ever forced myself to read If possible, I would give this book zero stars Only by sheer willpower and by listening to the audio book one short installment at a time was I able to get through this one Whole essays rants could be written on how much this book sucks, but I ll limit myself to just a couple observations The worst thing about LB isn t LaHaye s crazy religious beliefs, it s the fact that it s such a horribly written piece of garbage The only other books I have read that have been written this poorly are L Ron Hubbard s Mission Earth series which, interestingly enough, are also religious propaganda fiction written by a fanatical religious leader in his declining years C.S Lewis was a popular Christian author with whom I often disagree, but Lewis is infinitely readable and infinitely enjoyable than LaHaye and Jenkins regardless of whether you agree or disagree with him Apparently, the writing process for the LB books was as follows LaHaye would write up a couple hundred page outline of notes and then submit the notes to his co author Jenkins who would turn thes...

  7. Greg says:

    Most people do now know that I have read 7 of the 13 Left Behind books 12 actually, but then they threw on that extra one, and this is not counting the prequels, the kids versions and the horrendous graphic novels Armageddon can pay off nicely as long as it s delayed I don t hide the fact, it just doesn t come up that often I would have read all of them, but when I went through my Left Behind phase these were the only ones out The phase lasted I think 2 weeks The books read quickly Why Originally I wanted to read something I knew going into the book that it would be shit I do this from time to time I also wanted to read what AMERICA was reading, and right around the time I read this there was a good deal of media coverage on the Left Behind phenomena I felt disconnected from AMERICA at the time, as I was at Grad School and spent most of my time around then reading Adorno, Deleuze and Levinas Most of AMERICA wasn t reading this, but they were reading LaHaye and Jenkins tales of a post rapture world Once I started reading t...

  8. Lori says:

    i read this entire series..almost non stop they came out with a prequel series, but i figured how many times can you beat a dead horse.This series was really really good I didnt know how i was going to like it, not being a practicing catholic and all, but even if it doesnt keep to scripture 100%, it gives you enough of an eye opener.I remember thinking, wow If this really happened, i would be one of the ones suffering through all this And what would it take for me turn and accept god.how many plauges and tribuations would i suffer through.You get to see how the whole world gets affected by this transition period, where the antichrist fights for his throne and god is ever angry a war between good and bad.Its long, theres so many books to this series, but if you are the least bit interested...

  9. A Rye says:

    Thisshould not be considered literature.Thisis eschatological pornographyThe narrative and dialogue within this series is simply pedestrian.

  10. Kelly H. (Maybedog) says:

    I gave it a go, I really really did The series is so popular and my ex really enjoys the books ok, they re the only books he ever read, so maybe that should have told me something so I thought I d be open minded and try it After all, I did like the movie The Rapture and I love religious science fiction.This, however, is thinly disguised right wing propaganda I can respect people who think differently than I do as long as they respect me back This book does no such thing They manage to twist everything positive in the world today into proof that the devil is afoot did you know the U.N is apparently a tool for the anti Christ The plot is bad, the premise, while interesting, is poorly expanded upon and the writing is just bad bad bad.I actually read another book, also by a conservative Christian, on the same theme that was infinitely better It at least had a plot that could hold its own and left you wondering what would happen n...

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